Shrewd Spender

Spend smart. Save smart. Invest Smart.


Welcome and thanks for reading Shrewd Spender!

I’m Ken and I’m the founder and writer for Shrewd Spender. I’m a 30 something with a passion for personal finance!

I was taught to save at a young age and have been saving money for as long as I can remember and started investing within 6 months of my first “real” job.

I was also taught debt is one of the worst things that anybody can get themselves into and I’ve managed to keep myself out of major debt.

Being a shrewd spender, however, doesn’t mean being a miser. I believe money shouldn’t drive your life. It should be a tool to experience your life to the fullest.

By saving and spending smarter, you’ll have more money left over for your goals whether it’s travelling the world, or achieving financial freedom!