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Four Reasons to File Your Taxes Online

Since two thirds of Canadians file their taxes electronically, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decided not mailing out paper tax packages for the 2012 tax year.

If you usually file your taxes by mailing in a paper return, you’ll have to take the extra step to get a tax package this year.

But before you go through the trouble of getting a tax package, you should think about some of the benefits with filing your taxes online.

Why file your taxes online?

  • You get your money faster! It takes approximately 6 weeks to process a paper tax return while it only takes about 2 weeks if you file your taxes online.

  • All your calculations are done for you! Tax software must be certified by the CRA before it is released to the public.

  • You can file you taxes online with free tax software! It won’t cost you a cent to file your taxes online.

  • The processes is simplified this year. You no longer need a NETFILE access code to file online. All you need is your SIN and your date of birth as verification.

If you do want to file your tax return on paper, you can pick up a package from a Canada Post outlet or a Service Canada office. You can also print off a package on the CRA website, order one online, or call the CRA for a package.

But a simpler process, a faster tax return, and all for the price tag of free sounds like a win-win to me.